Tambour doors “Rhythms”, new harmonies by Gio Tirotto

tambour doors rhythms fbs profilati

Tambour doors “Rhythms”, new harmonies by Gio Tirotto

During the Sicam 2023 trade fair, a preview of “Rhythms” was presented. The latest novelty, created by Gio Tirotto exclusively for FBSprofilati, enriches the Aluroll proposal.
The new collection displays the iconic tambour doors with a suggestive ribbed effect, for the 40mm and 25mm wide slats, as well as a cusp design for the 20mm slat.
These new processings, available for all colour finishes, give great dynamism to the surface thanks to the play of curves, lights and shadows that creates new decorative patterns.

“Rhythms” Collection in various finishes

Shaping aluminium is never a predictable action, everything can shift in an instant. When working with aluminium molds, every calculated pressure aimed at achieving the desired shape triggers a response from the material. I would define this reaction as “alive”: an unconditional and unpredictable reflex. Roll-forming also optimizes the quantity of aluminium used to reach the balance between form and function, making it considerably more sustainable. Of course, it would be easier to adopt extrusion technology and achieve any desired formal result, reducing it to a mere technical process.” – Gio Tirotto

Mastering the art of roll forming aluminium is a stimulating challenge for FBSprofilati, whose daily goal is to design and produce high-quality decorative profiles and tambour doors.

A keen eye on trends and the growing desire to reintroduce the warmth of natural materials in interior design spurred the introduction of the new ‘Cacao’ shade – a warm, embracing brown tone – across the entire range of FBSProfilati products.

New 25mm ‘Rhythms’ slat in “Cacao” finish

Art direction Gio Tirotto
Ph Federico Villa

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