Soft Collection: the new tambour door collection designed by Gio Tirotto

soft collection gio tirotto

Soft Collection: the new tambour door collection designed by Gio Tirotto

From the careful business analysis of FBS Italian Profiles and respect for production technologies, Gio Tirotto has created the new Soft Collection tambour door line. A dynamic, eccentric and graphic collection with the FENIX NTM® insert in the best known roller shutter in the catalogue. Innovation and technology create a new range of finishes that expand the FBS proposal for the kitchen and beyond.
The objective of each one of my projects is to build a message, be it ethic, political or ironic… it doesn’t really matter as long as there is one. I like to think that a designer is like a bridge that connects the idea to the final message, a bridge made of shape, detail and function.”
This is how Gio Tirotto explains his approach to this project that uses technology to transform the newer proposition in its best possible form, while trying to maintain coherence to the original idea.
In Milan, in the historical Brera, the Soft Collection comes to life in the FENIX Scenario project, the new FENIX® creative hub designed by Tirotto.
A new version of our very own ALUROLL that blends perfectly with the space and allows it to be lived in all its many versions.
Essentiality and transformability are the keys to understanding Soft Collection completely.
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The pros and features of Aluroll
The made to measure tambour doors Kits is ready to install cassette. The “made in Italy” aluminium rolling shutter, complete with pre-charged compensator, is available in a wide range of finishes and models. With vertical, horizontal and motorized movement, Aluroll kits are extremely versatile and can be used in various applications to close cabinets’ surfaces up to 4 square meters. You will be amazed at how tambour doors transform interiors by creating more space, concealing clutter and combining designer elegance that home owners dream of.
FENIX NTM® is an innovative material – super opaque and soft touch that combines refined aesthetic solutions with cutting-edge technology performance. The external surface is characterized by the use of new generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through the Electron Beam Curing processes. The heart of FENIX NTM® consists of paper and phenol-based thermosetting resins. FENIX NTM® Bloom introduces lignin technology to significantly reduce the amount of phenol present in the resin by 50%. Lignin is a natural polymer defined as the glue that holds wood fibres together. Thanks to this innovation, most of the key components of FENIX NTM® Bloom come from one place, that is, from responsibility managed forests.

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Eco friendly tambour doors
Fbs Profilati’s commitment to low-environmental-impact is picking up pace and becoming one of the company’s most important guidelines for the future. Since day one we have refused to produce plastic slats for our tambour doors preferring aluminium, arguably the most sustainable building material in the world. The Soft Collection has been created in strict compliance with the sustainability standards currently in force to protect the environment. The intrinsic characteristics of aluminium combined with FENIX NTM® make it an effective choice guaranteeing lengthy product duration consistent with the principle of the Circular Economy. During the production process, the choice of environmentally friendly roll forming manufacturing technology has made it possible to keep to the minimum the environmental impact since the material is formed in cold conditions without the need for extra tooling. The Soft Collection tambour doors also offer a number of advantages in terms of hygiene and maintenance. The material is resistant, non-absorbent and non-toxic and can be cleaned using warm water and a neutral detergent, helping to reduce the risk of pollution caused by the use of chemicals.