Ribbed trend for interior design: the success of Rhythms tambour doors

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Ribbed trend for interior design: the success of Rhythms tambour doors

At the FIMMA Maderalia fair in Valencia, the new “Rhythms” collection of aluminum slats designed by Gio Tirotto exclusively for FBSprofilati was successfully presented and well-received. This new design enriches the Aluroll tambour door kit offerings and reinterprets aluminum slats with a striking ribbed effect. “Rhythms” seamlessly integrates into any setting, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms, offices, shops, restaurants, and bars, not only enhancing the aesthetics of spaces but also ensuring efficiency and functionality.

In addition to the new furniture tambour door collection, visitors at Stand D47 were able to admire new products: the new Windlight Circles aluminum LED profiles, WAY decorative aluminum profiles in the new adhesive version for flat glass, and the new “Micaceous Anthracite” finish. The stand setup offered a broad overview of products: Aluroll interior tambour doors, Alumix metal inserts, Decover drawer covers, and Windlight LED profiles.



In this article, we delve into the successful trends that found a place at the trade fair.


Ribbed trend: a versatile and elegant texture
Ribbed and striped textures are an emerging trend in 2024 furniture, introducing natural and tactile elements to create relaxing and balanced environments. These finishes lend uniqueness and elegance to spaces, enhancing light and shadow effects and adding a sense of warmth that evokes a connection with nature. These details are particularly effective in spaces such as entrances, dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

Ribbed finishes in furniture create an interesting contrast with the smooth surfaces commonly used in elegant wall coverings, shower boxes, or doors, helping to define different areas of a space. This style draws inspiration from the classical columns of ancient Greece and Rome and has been revalued over the centuries, appearing in neoclassical and Art Deco furniture of the ’20s and ’70s.

Tambour door kit with ribbed design – Rhythms Collection


With its simple elegance, the ribbed design perfectly integrates into both modern environments and more intimate homes, making it a versatile and attractive choice for contemporary design.

Rhythms Collection

Ribbed effect, between minimalism and luxury hotel at home
This trend harmonizes with two other very popular interior design styles: minimalism and domestic luxury hotel. Minimalism, always popular in recent years, follows the principle of “less is more” with clean and sophisticated lines that fit perfectly designed environments. At the same time, there is a growing desire to replicate the splendor and elegance of the best boutique hotels in private homes, with high-quality finishes that convey the essence of hotel luxury in everyday domestic life.
The ribbed effect also beautifully adapts to industrial and country styles, demonstrating its great versatility and ability to integrate into a wide range of decorative contexts.

Trend Colors in Interior Design
Wood, along with other natural materials, continues to be a protagonist in interior design, shifting from cool grays to warmer, earthier brown tones. Deep shades like chocolate and espresso also emerge, creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.


                                                                                              New finishes U4 Cacao


Following this trend, FBSprofilati has introduced the new “Cacao” shade, a warm and enveloping tone, into its product range. The color palette also enriches with a new nuance “Micaceous Anthracite,” a deep, dynamic finish that continually interacts with light.

New finishes U3 Anthracite Micaceus


The fair confirmed the significant increase in the use of metallic elements in furniture. Finishes such as chrome and stainless steel are gaining a more marked visual presence, especially in kitchens. Silver, with its timeless charm, is emerging as a finish of choice among interior designers, with its intense and luminous allure and shades that blend perfectly with all other materials and their colors.


Explore the entire range of finishes



The FBSprofilati range of finishes also meets this attitude with its “Chrome,” “Brushed Stainless,” and “Sat Nat” anodized finishes and allows for matching different products from its offering with the same shades to furnish spaces with taste and consistency. It is indeed possible to combine products like Aluroll tambour doors, Alumix metal inserts, Decover drawer covers, and Windlight LED profiles, maintaining the same coloring and creating an elegant and harmonious environment.


Art direction Gio Tirotto

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