Aluminium LED profile: Windlight C1’s circular brilliance

windlight aluminium led profiles

Aluminium LED profile: Windlight C1’s circular brilliance

Among the product innovations presented at the Sicam 2023 fair in Pordenone, the standout is Windlight C1, the new micro-perforated aluminum profile for LED lights with an elegant circular shape. This unique creation enriches the Windlight collection, specifically designed to transform LED lights from simple illumination tools into true design decorations.

Circular elegance that transforms light into design

The circular shape of Windlight C1 makes the new aluminum profile for LED strips particularly suitable for framing mirrors with rounded edges, especially used in the bathroom environment. This precious detail has been developed with attention to the needs of contemporary design, reaffirming FBSprofilati’s commitment to exploring new perspectives in interior design that enrich all living spaces with originality and elegance.

Features of the aluminum LED profile

The strength of Windlight C1 lies in the micro-perforated aluminium screen that covers the LED lights. This screen allows the light to shine with a uniform, functional, and pleasant glow. In addition to functionality, the product’s aesthetics are meticulously crafted, with anodized or pre-painted metal finishes that add a touch of sophistication.

The rounded micro-perforated aluminum bars ,WINDLIGHT, designed for LED lights, are available in two distinct styles to best meet various design needs. The Windlight C1 model, characterized by the FBS 2081 micro-perforated aluminum screen applied to the roll-formed aluminium body profile FBS 2083, offers an elegant and functional option. For those seeking maximum aesthetic integration, the Windlight C1 WIND model introduces a rounded design where both the screen and body profiles are made of micro-perforated aluminum, resulting in a radiant brilliance that extends in all directions.

Windlight C1 is much more than a simple aluminium LED profile; it is a decorative element that transforms light into an integral part of space design. The circular brilliance of Windlight C1 adds a touch of elegance and originality to any environment, making it an ideal choice for cutting-edge interior design projects.


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