Decover Drawer cover: customisation, style and sustainability

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Decover Drawer cover: customisation, style and sustainability

Decover is the system of clip-on side profiles for drawers, easy to assemble and ideal for embellishing furnishings with refined details.
Entirely produced and packaged in our factory just outside Milan, the drawer covers are made of high-quality cold-profiled aluminium and offer a perfect combination of sustainability and elegance.
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Decover covers are supplied in pairs (right and left) and can be assembled in a few seconds without using screws or glues, offering a practical and versatile solution.
They are furniture accessories that add a touch of light and contemporaneity to any type of furnishing, be it domestic environments, offices or shops. Their versatility allows them to be easily integrated into different color palettes, creating intriguing contrasts.
Furthermore, they follow the current trend which sees the return of metallic materials in interior design, giving the furnishings a contemporary and trendy atmosphere.

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With Decover, the furniture with drawers that decorate your rooms can be customized with ease and refinement. This flexible solution was designed to be compatible with the drawer systems of the best brands on the market, guaranteeing a personalized and harmonious result in every context.

A distinctive element of our design is the micro-perforated WIND style, a touch of discreet charm that characterizes all our products including the Decover range. This innovative micro-perforation process on aluminium enriches the texture, opening up new style possibilities directly to your furniture.

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Furthermore, with over 20 available finishes, 5 heights and an original micro-perforated texture, Decover covers can be combined and matched with various decorative elements of our production, such as Alumix decorative inserts, Windlight LED profiles or the Aluroll furniture shutters. Your furniture will acquire a new modern, personalized and high-impact appearance.

Our manufacturing process, based on cold forming, offers flexibility that allows us to create tailor-made decorative solutions. We invite you to contact us to obtain further details and discover how Decover can enrich your home and professional environment.