The tambour doors’ advantages


The tambour doors’ advantages

Tambour doors are devices for closing the doors of furniture and compartments. They are elegant and convenient solutions that fit optimally in the most restricted spaces. This system is ideal for homes, in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, but also in caravans and yachts. The tambour doors blend perfectly into any setting, including workplaces and leisure spaces like offices, shops, restaurants, and bars, adding a touch of design and elegance without sacrificing the functionality of the furnishings.

Tambour doors Kit

FBSprofilati presents Aluroll, a complete set of roll-up shutters for furniture, ready for installation: available in horizontal, vertical, manual, or electrically operated versions, offered in three collections with a wide range of colors, sizes, and finishes capable of meeting all needs.

The aluminum line includes a wide range of anodized and pre-painted finishes, then there’s the version in Fenix and another in tempered glass and extruded aluminum components.

In the Aluminium Collection, you can request classic slats or micro-perforated slats with a WIND finish, or WIND MIX, in which solid slats and perforated slats alternate.

The Soft Collection designed by Gio Tirotto is a dynamic, eccentric, and graphic collection. Its shutters are perfect for a contemporary and refined interior design with essential lines and innovative materials.

The Glass Collection features glass tambour doors that create a beautiful visual effect, as well as serving the function of furniture roll-ups.

Advantages of Furniture Shutters

  • Aesthetics: Shutters can help improve the appearance of furniture by hiding drawers or doors, making the furniture smoother and tidier. For instance, they are useful for concealing shoes, washing machines, and clutter.
  • Design: Furniture roll-ups are available in many different colors and designs so that they can blend well with the interior design of a room and give it a special touch.
  • Adaptability: : They can be used in different spaces and for different purposes, such as in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.
  • Space Saving: Shutters allow for the best use of available space without resorting to additional furniture.
  • Functionality: Shutters can help make furniture more functional by preventing the accidental opening of drawers or doors and the spillage of their contents.
  • Privacy: With furniture roll-ups, it is possible to block the view from the outside into a cupboard.
  • Durability: Furniture shutters are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Quick Installation: The complete set of shutters is easy to assemble.
  • Lightness: Aluminum ensures flexibility and a smooth, quiet operation.