The Success of Aluminum Profiles at Medwood 2024

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The Success of Aluminum Profiles at Medwood 2024

FBSprofilati successfully participated in the Medwood fair, an international exhibition of products, materials, and technologies for wood and furniture design, held in Athens from April 4th to 7th, 2024, at the Athens Metropolitan Expo center. In this context, the large and targeted Greek audience had the opportunity to learn about FBSprofilati’s product offerings, particularly welcoming the Windlight and Alutape with enthusiasm.

Windlight LED Light Profiles

The Windlight LED strip light bar offers evocative and decorative light diffusion through its micro-perforated profile body. Even when off, it maintains a strong visual impact, enhanced by high-quality finishes, anodized or pre-painted, that harmoniously integrate with other decorative components. Thanks to cold profiling techniques and the superior quality of the materials used, Windlight profiles are always visually appealing and stand out for their high performance in heat dissipation.

Windlight – Aluminium LED profiles


Alutape Decorative Strips

The aluminum decorative strips, Alutape, also received great feedback at the trade event, as they allow for the elegant and original transformation of furniture such as wardrobes, sideboards, and closets; mirrors and walls to create alternative boiserie or to be paired with wallpaper. It is a perfect solution for those wishing to imprint a personal touch on their spaces, adorning them with unique design patterns that reflect various styles. Available in a full range of finishes, Alutape is the ideal tool in home decor for those looking to give a new face to furnishings with personality and sophistication.


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Aluroll Interior Tambour Doors

Visitors also had the opportunity to admire the Aluroll tambour doors, design solutions that blend aesthetics, technological innovation, and environmental respect. These closure solutions are ideal as an alternative to swing doors, optimizing space in the most limited or difficult-to-access areas. Adaptable to various environments, from homes (kitchen, bathroom, living room) to vehicles such as caravans and yachts, the interior tambour doors integrate harmoniously, are versatile, and perfect even for professional and leisure contexts such as offices, shops, restaurants, and bars, contributing to aesthetics without compromising furniture efficiency.
The Soft Collection, created by Gio Tirotto, offers a dynamic and refined version of traditional aluminum tambour doors. This series stands out for the perfect fusion between the elegance of aluminum and Fenix NTM inserts, offering a soft and pleasant tactile sensation. Designed to enhance every type of interior, the Soft Collection enriches the range of finishes offered by FBSprofilati. Presenting twelve combinations of aluminum and Fenix NTM, it allows for creating harmonious combinations or bold contrasts, perfectly adapting to the different style needs of spaces.


Soft Collection – design Gio Tirotto


The star of the FBSprofilati stand was the eye-catching Rhythms motorized tambour door, the latest collection of aluminum slats with a fluted effect that infuses dynamism into any space.

As for the trends in finishes, gold was a big hit, confirming its timeless beauty and the ability to add luxury and sophistication.

Within an environment, gold becomes a strategic detail to integrate into furniture, lighting, and decorative objects, such as in the frame of a mirror, to create a focal point or add visual interest to the space. Gold harmonizes beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone. Furthermore, when combined with classic and elegant finishes like white and black, it provides the opportunity to express one’s individuality and enhance environments.




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FBSprofilati and the Prospects of the Greek Market

The FBSprofilati products presented in Athens were particularly appreciated for their notable functionality, sustainability, and accessibility, characteristics that are also very important for Millennials who represent a demographic segment to consider with interest.

Indeed, they will contribute to the long-term growth of the furniture and design furnishing sector and, as decision-makers, are more inclined to prioritize comfortable, functional, and eco-friendly solutions.

The prospects are therefore positive! FBSprofilati focuses on consumers, intercepting their changing preferences and accordingly shaping its offering of innovative solutions.




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