Decover drawer covers: tailor-made excellence

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Decover drawer covers: tailor-made excellence

FBSProfilati is pleased to introduce its latest innovation for the DECOVER collection: the new custom-made roll-forming aluminum cover for the “Avantech YOU” drawer. A tailored excellence developed in collaboration with the renowned international brand Hettich, specializing in the drawer and furniture systems’ production.

A winning synergy
This partnership has led to the creation of an extraordinary product that combines style and functionality. The new drawer cover stands out for a revolutionary clip system that includes two distinct elements: an elegant T-profile coated in aluminum, to be applied to the top of the drawer, and a refined side profile to add a touch of class to each side.

DECOVER made for Hettich

Refinement and simplicity
It’s not just an aesthetically appealing solution but also incredibly versatile. The clip system ensures effortless use, adding a dimension of practicality and style to the spaces.

Compatibility beyond conventions
Thanks to FBSProfilati’s advanced technology, the production of drawer covers achieves levels of exceptional flexibility, perfectly adapting to products from major brands on the market and opening the door to endless customization possibilities.

As a demonstration of this, FBSProfilati also creates tailor-made covers for drawers in non-conventional wooden sizes, primarily used in the bathroom environment. These customized solutions harmoniously integrate with the surroundings, combining impeccable performance with sophisticated design.

cover drawer wood

The whole DECOVER range represents a classy choice for those seeking maximum customization without compromising on functionality.