Decorative profiles for double glazing: the art of transforming glass

double glazing profiles

Decorative profiles for double glazing: the art of transforming glass

Glass is an extraordinary material that for centuries has allowed us to see the world outside without having to worry about the atmospheric elements or the surrounding environment. However, it is not just a simple barrier between us and the outside world; it can also be a means to express our creativity and style. One of the most fascinating ways to do this is through the use of decorative profiles for double glazing.
Decorative profiles for double glazing are decorations applied to glass to improve aesthetics and to add a personal touch to spaces. Incorporating decorative double glazing profiles into your next renovation or design project could be the key to transforming your glazing into something extraordinary. Whether to add a touch of elegance to an old house or to create a modern and contemporary environment, these decorative profiles offer an infinite number of creative possibilities.

From the sacred to contemporary furnishings: profiles have embellished glass for centuries
Decorative double glazing profiles have a long history dating back centuries. Initially, these ornaments were used to create artistic windows in medieval churches and cathedrals.
Today, their use has extended to homes, offices and commercial buildings, allowing anyone to add elegance and personality to their spaces: wherever there is a desire to add details and personalize windows, mirrors, showers and other glass surfaces that would otherwise they would be anonymous.

Aluglass: various styles to customize double glazing and windows
Aluglass profiles meet the needs described above and offer many decorative opportunities. A fascinating aspect of our decorative double glazing profiles is their versatility in terms of styles.
It is possible to opt for classic or more modern lines, floral decorations or geometric patterns. This variety allows you to find the perfect profile to suit all tastes and furnishing styles.
The classic collection offers a wide range of decorative designs that give an elegant look to the windows and doors of homes, hotels, restaurants and commercial businesses: essential shapes, more elaborate curved and sinuous figures. Available in white, anthracite, black, chrome, gold and with a micro-perforated finish, the profiles and inserts are encapsulated in glass, therefore they are totally protected from atmospheric events.

The WAY line designed by Gio Tirotto is suitable for double glazing and two-dimensional vertical surfaces used in architecture and interior design. It is an innovative tailor-made decorative system for windows and glass panels. The joint can take infinite directions and harmonious combinations: the shapes inspired by nature help to create a relaxing atmosphere.
It is the ideal solution to give a refined and contemporary character to the home, but also to hotels and offices.